Catmasters Points Race

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Catmasters Points Race Guidelines & Rules

  1. Points race champion will be based on team with the highest scoring 3 tournaments of the 7 tournaments on the trail.


  1. Teammates consist of captain & 2 co-anglers. All teammates including alternate must be declared at the beginning of the season or at the 1st participating event. No changes allowed. Co-anglers & alternate can not be listed under another participating points race team. Any of the 4 teammates can compete in any order.


  1. In case of a tie the team with highest points finish in a 4th tournament break the tie. If that results in tie, biggest fish at the Classic in March determines the winner.


  1. Points will start at 200 1st place, 2nd place 199 points, 3rd 198 points, etc. All teams placing in the bottom 50%, based on registration will receive 100 show points…If you fish a tournament and do not weigh-in you must check in with the tournament director prior to the end of the weigh-in to receive 100 show points.


  1. All anglers declared on a team must pay a $25 administration fee per angler.


  1. Points race results will be posted on our website, Facebook and other social media with team’s sponsors, all team members names to be declared on team registration form and any logos if provided. CatMasters will create a profile page that will be used on social media and website. It will be up to the team members to provide any pictures, information and logos to be included in the team’s profile.